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Important Announcement

As of November the 23rd 2020 the Dyspraxia (DCD) Screener will no longer be free, and will be charged at a cost of £4.78 inc VAT.

This is to support continued development of this product.

If you purchased a licence prior to the cost changes you will continue to be able to use your free licence until the end of your licence date.

Thank you for your support.

Technical Assessment

Evidence of Outcomes
The Neurodiversity Children’s Profiler (for parents) is designed to identify neurodiversity traits and provides both an onscreen report, with additional practical resources and can also be emailed as a pdf.


Each report is personalised and based on the parent’s responses about their child. It is intended to be a one-off screening, which may be seen as part of a ‘self-help’ process for parents with practical strategies as well as providing initial information where a full assessment may be considered.


Research basis
The background to the profiler includes the work of two internationally recognised experts in this field, Professor Amanda Kirby and Dr Ian Smythe, as well as extensive research in this field over the past 20 years.


Clinical Safety
This profiler is a screening tool, and this is clearly stated within in the report. Whilst it provides summaries of neurodivergent traits that are often used in clinical diagnoses, it is clear that the profiler is not a diagnostic tool. The initial report may help with gathering information and considering a picture across conditions to aid a person-centred approach.


Data Protection
For technical reasons the pdf version of the report is created on the Microsoft Azure UK South servers.



Do-IT Solutions has Cyber Essential Plus certification.


Usability and Accessibility
The Profiler has been designed by usability and accessibility experts who have published on the subject. Of particular importance questions are text-to-speech enabled, and all reports can be read aloud. Text is clear, well-spaced and easy to read. The layout is designed to be accessible. This is to ensure they provide access to as many people as possible, including older users, younger users and those with disabilities. This might involve being able to increase text size where needed and work with voice software to help visually impaired people.


Technical Stability
The Profiler has been widely tested with no apparent issues. We recommend using Google Chrome.