For years, the dyslexia community has been promoting famous dyslexic and has a long list. Typical of this list are Henry Winkler (73), Cher (73), Richard Branson (69), and Steven Speilberg (72), Whoopi Goldberg (63). Average age of 70. In addition, there are those no longer alive, such as Mohammad Ali, Einstein, Edison and Wittgenstein.

Having worked closely with local dyslexia associations as well as the British Dyslexia Association for many years, the need was widely understood to have two main roles:

  • To reassure parents that dyslexia did not mean one could not succeed.
  • To provide names that children may recognize and know they are not alone with their problem.

At first sight this seems reasonable. But there is a small problem with this. Well, actually, not so small in my opinion.

Choosing famous dyslexics

Stating the obvious, you cannot use a successful dyslexic as a role model if nobody has heard of them.  Using role models revolves around the fact that the people know them, and one way or another, they aspire to them. If they are not famous,

The new ones are all from the screen. Orlando Bloom (42), Kiera Knightly (34), Jennifer Aniston (50), Patrick Dempsey (53), Channing Tatum (39). Average age 43.

A new era of famous dyslexics