ND App

The Neurodiversity (ND) App is designed to help your identify your strengths and weakness in the area of neurodiversity. You can either have your report read out loud on your phone, or email it to yourself.

Dyslexia Plus

DyslexiaPlus is more than a checklist – it includes a suite of cognitive assessments that look all key areas, and offers a personalised report with advice and guidance to help you manage your areas which appear to need support.

Dyslexia Student Plus

Are you starting at college or university? Struggling with your studies? Dyslexia Student Plus provides a quick and easy means of assessing your skills, and offering your personalised guidance and practical resources.

ND Workplace Plus

This Profiler is designed for those in employment or applying for jobs who seek a better understanding of their strengths and challenges relating including dyslexia-related, organisation, note-taking, time management, socialising with others and maths skills.

DCD / Dyspraxia Profiler

Do you think you may have problems with coordination, or has someone has suggested that you could? This free screener, built by experts, is designed for those over 16 and provides quick tips and hints to help.

In development

We have a number of additional Profilers coming online in 2019. These include:

ND App for 7 – 16 year old, completed by parents

Dyslexia Screener for teenagers

Study Skills for students